Low Income Units

Thank you for your interest in applying to live at M Lofts!  M Loft is an exciting brand-new,115-unit mix-use building that feature 17 low-income units for qualified applicants. Ten one-bedroom and 7 Studios are reserved as affordable units, and all units have been filled. To be placed in a waitlist, please contact the property manager at 310-280-3900.
All seventeen(17 )units are restricted to low-income households, and every applicant must be screened and qualified by the city of Los Angeles housing department. Restricted units have a set rent equal to 30% of 60% of the net median income as established by the Los Angeles housing department, and applicant’s income may not exceed 60% HCD (Housing and Community Development) median. Please see below for prices set for current year and income qualification chart.
                                                          Rent Schedule
  One Person Two Person
Unit Type 0 br 1br
Low income 60% HCD median $680 $778
                                                   Income Qualification Chart
 Household Size                                 Maximum income
1                                                                    $47,850
2                                                                    $54,650
3                                                                    $61,500
You must be qualified by the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department by submitting a qualification packet. Please contact the property manager for additional information.